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Beauty Bar and Salon by Lucy



Beauty Bar and Salon By Lucy

Bonnie Mullinax

With over 30 years real estate experience and 3500+ satisfied clients,  Bonnie has loved serving the people of the Cartesville/Bartow area...

With over 30 years real estate experience and 3500+ satisfied clients,  Bonnie has loved serving the people of the Cartesville/Bartow area...

Dec 6 3 minutes read

Stylish Addition to Cartersville's Beauty Scene

Check out the newly opened hair salon exudes modern elegance with its chic décor and cutting-edge design. Boasting a team of skilled stylists, the salon offers a diverse range of services, from on-trend haircuts to vibrant color treatments, Red Light therapies, and spray tanning all which cater to the diverse tastes of Cartersville's clientele. With its welcoming atmosphere and commitment to personalized care, this salon is quickly becoming a go-to destination for residents seeking a refreshing and top-notch salon experience in Cartersville.  Located just across the street from Home Depot at 125 Gentilly Blvd., Phone 678.400.4780


-Our traditional lay down tanning beds offer a relaxing experience while providing you with a beautiful tan. These tanning beds are also equipped with facial bulbs to provide you with a head to toe, front and back, flawless tan.

-Our stand up tanning bed allows you to stand while achieving a tan. Our stand up bed provides a true seamless tan leaving no room for error and allowing the bulbs to tan your sides!

Spray Tanning

-Need a tan fast? Our spray tan booth provides you with a quick, beautiful, natural looking tan in a matter of minutes. Our formula is pH balanced and is guaranteed to give you the perfect tan! There are many options to choose from providing you with an all natural, custom to your skin type, glowing tan that can last as long as 7-10 days with the proper aftercare. this is a private tanning experience so you can 100% avoid any awkward or uncomfortable situations and walk out feeling confident and looking beautiful!

Red Light Therapy Booth

-Red light therapy is a great way to take care of your skin. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and dark spots while featuring a vibrating plate at your feet to target cellulite and increase blood flow. Red light therapy is great for increasing collagen production, helps with weight loss, provides faster muscle recovery, improves the appearance of scarring, and helps eliminate acne, rosacia, and eczema.

Wellness Therapy Cocoon

-Experience all over relaxation in our wellness cocoon. The wellness cocoon is equipped with a warm red infared heat that provides your body with all the tools it needs to heal. This bed massages you while you lay and is great for muscle recovery, nerve pain, and arthritis, while also boosting your immune system. It increases your blood flow and reduces inflimation. This treatment is great for weight management, detoxification, water retention, bloating, and mental health. warm red infared lights relieve stress, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve the quality of your sleep.

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